I have been seeing Patti for some time now for Dorn Method treatment which I have found to be excellent and very helpful. I reached a point in my life when I felt everything was grey and I had a few longstanding personal problems that I was finding overwhelming. I felt stuck. Patti introduced me to Psy-Tap and Havening. Having been taught how to do it I was then able to continue working on my own at home and found that I could release and resolve some very old emotional issues from my past. I now feel more settled and content and was surprised to find that for the first time in about 20 years I am looking forward to Christmas! I used to dread December and couldn’t wait for the whole spectacle to be finished. Perhaps unrelated but I feel there has been a noticeably positive shift in how I feel about all sorts of things that used to really get me down. We accomplished this in just two sessions and I can really recommend this treatment.Cynthia Fleming, Ancaster. Dec. 2016.



“I was terrified of going over bridges even as a passenger and couldn’t drive over them, routes had to be planned to avoid them and I felt physically sick when on them with my eyes closed and hands holding onto the seat. I’d never looked over a bridge while in a car! I can now drive over them easily and look over the side (when not driving). Havening has truly opened up my world thank you.” PEH


“I had never heard much about Reiki when a friend mentioned Patti Hudspeth to me.  I was suffering from headaches and problems due to stress and was struggling to cope generally, coupled with low self esteem. images[6]

I must admit to feeling apprehensive and a bit skeptical about the treatment I was going to receive, but I needn’t have worried!  I found Patti to be  very approachable and during the session, I felt calmer than I had far ages. I have become more assertive and less stressed since starting treatment and I have learned quite a lot about the way my body works – she even sorted out my constipation for me!

I’m not entirely sure why Reiki complementary therapy works, but I can say that I feel so much better in myself after my sessions than before them!  I certainly would not hesitate to recommend the treatments Patti offers to anyone.  Even the eye specialist at a local hospital wanted to know what I had been doing between checkups because he felt my condition had improved and when I mentioned Reiki he was most supportive saying “carry on, it makes my job easier.”  H. S.



Tests1“I have been a client of Patti’s for the past two years. I suffer from back problems due to sitting at a desk all day long. I see Patti for remedial massage – for which I could not live without! Patti looks at the problem holistically and treats me through massage, ‘what’s the light stick called? and Reiki.

The relief I receive from the treatment is immense. I have seen physiotherapists in the past for my back, which have helped in the short term, but Patti also takes into account my emotional well-being, which at times, can contribute to the tension and pain.

The improvement I have seen over the past two years has been fantastic. Through Patti’s help I have learnt to manage my back pain and on the odd occasion, when I have had a relapse, the recovery period has always been much shorter than before.

The sessions I have with Patti leave me feeling not only physically better but de-stressed and emotionally calmer. Patti always takes the time to listen and to explore any other avenues that might also be contributing to the problem. In an age when Doctors herd their patients through the day to maintain time slots and targets attending a session with Patti would always be my first point of call to try and treat an issue or problem holistically and naturally.

It is a testament to Patti’s expertise in her field that she is still in business and going strong after 19 years. I hope she is still going strong for another 19 years as quite frankly I couldn’t be without her! ”  S.D.


“About 7 years ago I started having to use nasal sprays on a regular basis to try and keep my nose clear. If I didn’t have a Sudafed nasal spray with me at all times I usedimages6GQIXW5C to get concerned in case my nose blocked up and I wasn’t able to breathe properly. Every evening before I went to sleep I had to use the spray so I could breathe through my nose and so go to sleep. Having mild asthma made me particularly concerned about being able to breathe properly.

I actually reached the stage where I was using the spray 3-4 times a day which is not to be recommended at all. Eventually I had to be referred to the Ear, Nose & Throat department at the local hospital who then put me on a course of steroids to reduce the inflammation in my sinuses which had been caused by an allergic reaction but also made worse by the over-use of the nasal spray. After that I became more cautious about using it but still found that I needed to – probably at least 3-4 times per week.

Then I started having a facial massage every 2 weeks with Patti which concentrated specifically on my sinuses. After the second treatment I found that I could manage without my nasal spray completely. Sometimes I still think I might want to use it because my nose feels as if it is getting a little blocked, but now I wait a few moments and then find that I simply forget about it. It’s such a relief to be able to breathe properly. Many thanks for your treatments which are not only so lovely and relaxing but also seem to have done the trick!” J. O.


Tests3“I was very skeptical about Complementary Therapies in general but was encouraged to try Reiki by a friend who thought it was wonderful.

Reluctantly I made an appointment and although I was apprehensive about what was going to happen I was immediately at ease and started to relax as soon as I went into the room.  Patti explained what was going to happen and also suggested I try Bach Flower Remedies as well as Reiki to help me from continually ‘going round in circles’ with problems in my life.

I felt very calm, relaxed and was amazed by the heat from Patti’s hands.  After the treatment I was very tired, fortunately it was quite a late appointment so went home and relaxed for the rest of the evening, I had the best night’s sleep I’d had in years.  I had Bach Flower Remedies a few weeks later, they (and Reiki) gave me confidence to stop trying to please everyone, I’m now much happier and so are the people around me.

I have Reiki on a regular basis and don’t know what I’d do without it in my life.  I did Reiki 1st Degree last year and use it on everything from myself, family, pets; washing machine (I know it sounds crazy, but it worked!) and anyone else who’ll let me put my hands on them!  I’m addicted and I love it.”  N. K


“I had suffered for several years with sinusitis which was very hard for me to cope with Patti gave me a face massage and the pain seemed to just drain away.  Although I eventually required an operation Patti’s facials helped tremendously and the pain was never as severe and not as constant. starofbethlehem1

Patti also did Reiki and my friend kept telling me how beneficial it was for her and as everything else with Patti worked I thought I would give this a go too. I must admit to finding this a little strange at first, I was never a person who could relax, if my body wasn’t working then my head was certainly racing all the time. To be taken to that point of total relaxation was phenomenal, a truly life-changing experience. I now have Reiki once a fortnight and believe my well-being depends upon it. It helps to recharge my energy and at times my sanity!

Patti in my opinion is a gift, she has that very rare quality in a person, she exudes calmness and serenity. I feel relaxed just arriving at the Reiki house and when I leave feeling refreshed and revitalized I know I have experienced something very special.

A very knowledgeable and caring lady offering a special Reiki hug upon arrival and departure ensuring that I am welcome to return.


imagesJZ6J653S“It’s cool not being frightened of spiders any more, I love watching them now. And if I get upset I know how to Haven myself and keep calm.”– 8 year old boy 




“I went to see Patti to help with my fear of flying, came away feeling so relaxed and resolved another fear I didn’t realise I had. Thank you, all I need to do now is get on a plane, which I’m sure will be easy.” A B images58N190B0




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