Do you experience any of these Trauma?





Chronic Anger

Physical Pain

Fear of Dentist/Doctor

Fear of Flying/Driving

General Stress

Food/Drug Addictions (over the counter /prescribed)




You don’t need to – most of these can be treated in one – two sessions – yes really!

Psy- TaP

Is a brand new therapy combining many tried and tested methods.  It includes the very best of:-

TFT              Thought Field Therapy

            EFT              Emotional Freedom Technique

                                      EMDRT       Eye Movement Desensitising & Reprocessing Therapy

               IEMT            Integrated Eye Movement Therapy

                          VCRT           Visual Coding & Repatterning  Techniques

         Havening     Amygdala Depotentiation Techniques

You will learn how to help yourself to a healthier future with Psy-Tap!

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Patti Hudspeth Nottingham


My Psy-Tap treatment with Patti has honestly turned my life around. For a number of years I have suffered with depression and anxiety. My treatment with Patti has helped tremendously. It has helped me identify the root causes of some of my suffering – something that traditional counselling failed to do. Crucially, it has given me the tools to address the root causes of my suffering and move forwards to a happy and positive future. With Psy-Tap, Patti has provided me with tools which I can use every day to help keep my depression and anxiety under control. I have seen such a huge difference in my health since starting the sessions – I have stopped having daily anxiety attacks, I can sleep again, my appetite has improved and I find myself feeling happy again!

I am so thankful that Patti introduced me to Psy-Tap. I can honestly say that I have found this treatment to be far more helpful than traditional counselling or medication. My mental and physical well-being has improved terrifically. I have come out of a very dark place thanks to Patti and Psy-Tap. Patti is a brilliant practitioner; she has a wonderful way of making you feel relaxed even when you are dealing with powerful and painful emotions. She is knowledgeable, experienced, friendly and kind – a perfect mixture. Thank you Patti for helping me to find happiness again. Rachel Edmonds