Did you know we are in ‘Trance’ most of the time? Have you ever been driving a car and wondered “how did I get here?” Reading a book and thought “what have I been reading?” that’s Trance.  

Hypnosis Trance is a safe and fast way of resolving Anxiety, Trauma, Stress and Pain. Mentally, Physically and Emotionally. There is no digging up your past to shape your future, it can be content free, you don’t even need to tell me what it is that’s bothering you.

You are the best healer you know, you just need a little help and direction that’s all.

F.A.S.T   (Freakin Awesome Speedy Techniques) is a unique way of resolving issues and I am one of only a few people who are trained in this technique in the world. I can help you heal and enjoy your life and take back control.

Wondering what Hypnosis can help you achieve? How would you like to:

Gain Confidence, Feel Empowered, Get Motivated.  Start new habits – feel good for no reason!

Stop bad habits you want to leave behind.  Stop smoking, cut out sugar and coffee, quit drinking alcohol, lose your fear and anxiety.

Sound good?

One or two sessions of Hypnosis costs just £120 per session, that’s 3 hours maximum out of your busy life.


10+ sessions at £90 per hour 10 hours +

Money you can make more of, time you cannot.

Get in touch today and see how I can help change your life for the better with Hypnosis.  Contact me now to change your future.  

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Patti Hudspeth Nottingham